penthouse finale pt2

Marcusmadsen: Well made. Very sexy girls. Yummy...

Szejunhong28: is there part one?????

Mackweisner69: Who is the blonde she is fucking hot. Let me say this first I do not condone murder. I wouldn’t have shot the the blonde. I would have choke her to death to watch the look on her face.

Vardorg: Kyaa Chimera. Love her crossed-eyes!

Iceman19842: Wtf this dude fucks 3 sexy girl's then kills them then the 1 bitch says just let me tell her to leave then you can kill me REALLY it was A lot of bad acting I mean I agree with Babelover but there's mistakes in this shit. Who the fuck came up with this crap? Plus that gun would have been A lot louder then that even with the silencer on it. Hell u can't tell me the chick that left the room wouldn't hear that gun go off in Real life I know cause my friend is military

Lala088: good

Helenaforever21: WTF this is so disturbing :fearful:

Sadbo56: This is fucked up.

Ianmac71: You're right. The acting is very fucked up. The corpse raping, on the other hand, is pretty fucking hot!

Ninghteen19: name?

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